Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Meet Douglas Mogle

I want to introduce you to Douglas Mogle, please take a moment to watch this short video.

The following was my reply to that video: 

"As a rule, I do not meet my patients. As a matter of fact I HATE meeting my patients. For me, and forgive my brashness, my patients are simply task. During my work day I go from task to task, completing each one the best I can, and then I forget about them. This process is how my defensive mechanism manages the “bad” calls, the ones that hit “close to home” or are so gruesome that I might dwell on them and take them to my personal life.

Honestly, I didn't want to meet you, and until my chief persuaded me to participate in that reunion I had forgotten all about Douglas Mogle. As a matter of fact prior to coming out to the campus that day I had to pull the run sheet to re-familiarize myself with your case. I can be socially awkward sometimes and as I recall I remember it being a bit awkward for both of us that day. I mean what do you say to a guy that just spent 12 months going through hell??

That said, here we are again. The same chief that persuaded me to meet you that day sent me a link to this page…But today it’s you that is affecting me.

Minus the heart attack our stories aren't so different. In addition to my normal duties at work I am also a Division Chief with a volunteer fire department where I am often put into a position of mentoring new and young recruit firefighters (knowing what I know about firemen and fourth graders, I can’t imagine there is much difference in our jobs). I too, have let my health fall victim to the “busyness” that I create. I have gained approximately 30lbs since 2008, and while that may not sound like a lot, I have noticed some definite impact in my stamina, endurance and strength. My wife has taken notice too, making innocent jokes, and poking my “jiggle’ies”. Just a week ago, after coming out of the shower at the firehouse another fireman looked at me and stated “Jesus Christ, you’re a fat ass!”. While that may be a bit of an exaggeration, I am not the person I used to be (I am 5’11 and 208lbs.). Now, not only is my wife noticing, but so are the guys who’s lived could depend on me at a fire. After all when Joe Q. Public thinks of firemen they are supposed imagine a physically fit man or woman who is capable of doing great things at a moment’s notice. Today, I am not that person!
Douglas, your words:” I NEED, I WANT, and I CRAVE positive change” speaks to me. I know we live too far apart to be “training buddies”, but I will make you this promise. Regardless if you are selected to race with Dr. Gupta or not, and if you’re on board, then I will train “alongside” of you. And when the time comes to participate in a triathlon, I will line up on the starting line right beside you, and I will suffer through this masochistic journey to positive change.

What do you say?"    

So there you have it. A man my size and 2 years my younger falls over dead (I could not be any more literal) and I just happen to be there to bare witness...and then a year later I am making a promise. A promise that seemed like a good idea at the time but now that I am counting calories, watching what I eat and propelling my "corpulent keister" down the road (enduring pain I haven't felt in years), I am not so sure. But in then end this isn't about supporting Douglas, it isn't about getting into shape. It's about NEEDING, the WANTING and the CRAVING a positive change. 

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